Kadongo Kamu Podcast

Here is a podcast on Kadongo Kamu music I recently produced for Afropop Worldwide, featuring Boston’s own DJ Paddy:

This piece grew out of a 4-month ethnography project I conducted on the significance of Internet Radio in Boston’s Ugandan community and the diaspora globally. The greater Boston area, specifically Waltham, is home to thousands of ethnic Ugandans drawn to the city for education and work. In 2009, a group of those immigrants founded Radio Uganda Boston, an Internet Radio station featuring a variety of news, music, and conversation. The technology proved difficult for some–one of the founders, Rob Kafeero, told me that he sometimes had to visit the homes of older listeners to show them how to access the online stream. But for other Ugandan emigres, especially those outside Boston, the Internet station was a perfect means to stay connected with their native country and culture. Kadongo Kamu is a powerful symbol of that culture, and the phone line at the station lights up with requests when the music comes on the air. If you enjoy what you hear in the podcast, I encourage you to check out DJ Paddy’s weekly Kadongo Kamu Special, Tuesdays at 5pm at radiougandaboston.com. You might not understand what the host and callers are talking about, but you can appreciate the music and hopefully get a sense of how important it is for the station’s dispersed audience.