Starting a Record Label in 2014

Fashion People LOGO

This past month I helped to launch an independent record label with an old friend and a new one. The three of us met 6 months ago in a Brooklyn coffee shop to sketch it out, and today Fashion People Records has three albums out—on vinyl, cassette, and CD—all of which we celebrated with a recent triple record release show at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, Ma. The local press gave us some good love, with nice write-ups and album reviews in the Hartford Courant, Springfield Republican, Valley Advocate, and Daily Hampshire Gazette. Every journalist asked me the same question: why are you starting a record label now? Are you crazy?? Generally, I would agree that this is an unwise time to wade into the music industry; that is, if you aren’t caught up in it already. The fact is that when you self-produce and release music, you are by default your own record label. Somebody has to take care of test pressings, press releases, publishing rights, and digital distribution, so why not work together? Fashion People Records was conceived as a way for artists to collectively face the financial and logistical barriers to music production. In that sense, the label is already a success whether it turns a profit or not. But that would be nice too. For more info, check out and while you’re at it do us a favor and like our facebook page.


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