Makin’ records


Been busy screen printing a batch of CD cases for my new album, learning all about the wonders of photo emulsion and the joys of squeegeeing. Music, I have found, is a great excuse to do craft projects. This limited run of artisssssssnal CDs will be available for pre-order this fall and purchase around December. If you are curious whats on ’em, you might get a little teaser before then if you like my facebook page…

For the aspiring printers out there, here are a few lessons learned from the project:

-Don’t buy discount printing kits on Amazon–the fluids have a very limited shelf life and dry out

-If you do buy an expired printing kit, post a negative review and you might get your money back 🙂

-Do a lot of practicing before you start printing on the actual cases–I finally hit my stride after about 75 prints, at which point I had a whole pile of smudged/smeared cases and only 25 left to do. Anyone want a discounted CD?


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