Live at the Lilypad, with Michael Vitale


Here is a clip of our recent show at the Lilypad, in my opinion the coziest venue in the Boston area. They even served complimentary cookies…meaning you had to pay someone a nice compliment in order to take a cookie. But now I am kind of wondering if people actually like the concert, or if that was the cookies talking…

Go to my videos page for more clips from the show.


Same Bathroom, New Blues

The summer heat has me camped out in the bathroom, which is tucked a floor below the rest of my hot and sunny apartment. Down on the porcelain throne, the blue tiles feel good on my feet and a cold shower is just a step away. Today’s blues is a somewhat original tune based on the Mississippi John Hurt classic: “Shake that Thing.” I learned the guitar part out of book earlier this year, but never having heard a recording, I made up my own song to go with it. I think I was in the midst of simmering a pot of meatballs, but as with most songs about the domestic life, that isn’t all its about…