I’ll Be Home

After a two-year intermission in Asia, I am finally getting my music life back on track here in America. Fortunately my stint as a Balinese gamelan disciple and a Tokyo salaryman produced some interesting new material to work with. Here’s a pair of tracks fresh out of my living room: a bittersweet love song and a lament of work-a-day life in Japan.

I made these recordings with my friend Michael Vitale playing violin and singing harmony. I have known Michael for a while—long enough to share an apartment, sing in a renaissance choir, double date in Tokyo—and yet we have never really played music together. When I returned to the states, it just worked out that we were both in Boston and looking for a new project. We have spent the past few months working up a batch of songs and exploring the possibilities of our instrumentation. I hope to see more of these tunes up on the webs and around the city this year.


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