Bathroom Blues

I do my best thinking at 6:45am on weekends, right when my alarm would sound, except that its silent and I am awake anyway. I put my head under the pillow and think of concept albums and quirky band instrumentations. The more I think the more awake I get, until I get antsy and give up on sleeping in. This week I conceived of a weekly video project in which I perform blues favorites in my bathroom. Maybe it was the blue tile floor that got me thinking, or just the obvious alliteration and the appeal of the funky acoustics. Whatever heaved this idea into being, the notion held my interest long enough to execute it, and now I can present my first installment of the Bathroom Blues: The Hesitation Blues

This is a well-travelled tune with no clear creator, and no definitive recording. For an idea of how far the song has come, listen to this 1916 instrumental recording. My version has its own story of adoption and adaptation. I learned the song in high school, backing up a husband and wife duo act in local bars. I took the tune and laid it on an instrumental blues my dad used to play in endless circles when I was a kid. The lyrics are similarly mashed up: some go back a ways, some I borrowed from a friend in college, and at least one I might have made up myself. Does that make it mine now?



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