Two Days in Tabanan

Once I took out my recorder the musicians insisted on doing an interview. Apparently there is an Indonesian pop star whose name sounds a lot like mine, that is why they introduce themselves as ‘Jan Casela.’


Just after I took this photo, the two musicians on the left had to leave and I found myself sitting in. Because the bottom part is derived from the main melody I could just follow along, with Balot calling out Balinese solfege syllables and gesturing with his head. We played for about an hour, until the ceremony in the family temple finished. After getting five hours of sleep and feasting on spicy meats all day that was about all I could do. Balot and I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in his ‘living room,’ sipping from coconuts with straws and sampling the fruits that grow in his backyard. After dinner they sent me home with a bag full of fruit, exhausted and stuffed from my two days in Tabanan.






3 thoughts on “Two Days in Tabanan

  1. it says “Om Swastiastu”…that is some kind of Hindu prayer or mantra, you hear it all the time at the opening of ceremonies and other events.

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