In the Hong Kong Airport


On my way to Indonesia I had a four-hour layover in Hong Kong. I arrived in the early morning hours and the cavernous terminal was eerily deserted. Half the place was closed off so I found a seat and waited. In my jet-lagged haze I noticed a woman across the terminal was staring at me. Every time I looked up she was there, and eventually I started to wonder if she was real. It wasn’t until I got up and walked across the room that I saw she was a cardboard cutout of an airline stewardess. Luckily I had my guitar on hand, and I sat down and wrote this song.

In Other News:

-I have successfully cultivated a taste for hard-boiled eggs, a food I have never liked for some reason. But they serve them here a lot…also, I can cook them in my rice maker.

-On top of my usual watch and sandal tans, I am working on a great bike-glove tan

-Had my first ‘Bali Belly’ this week…a nasty 24-hour stomach bug, I won’t go into details.

-The word for speed bump (they’re everywhere…) in Indonesian means: ‘sleeping policeman.’


One thought on “In the Hong Kong Airport

  1. Love the picture and song. Do you think it was formaldehyde poisoning? And find out the etiology of the sleeping policemen, because that is what they are called in Grenada- and Trinidad, both occupied by the Dutch. It is a term I used for years after coming home cuz it just sounds right.

    Take some pics, if you can, or the local poultry, I am curious. Hugs and kisses!

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